The Aspid SS is quickly becoming the source of awe and fascination in the automotive world. Introducing itself to the market as the most innovative lightweight vehicle yet, this sports car is revolutionizing the industry by showcasing a combination of high technology and the most advanced engineering and design.

Geared towards car enthusiasts, the goal of the Aspid SS is to evoke the most invigorating emotions through performance, luxury, design and innovation.

Unique Elements of the Aspid SS

Design: Patent-pending advancements – 4 patents make the Aspid SS a unique car definition in the sports cars sector.

Multifunctionality: can be used in town, on special occasions, as well as on the race track thanks to technological innovation that is the first to provide this sort of versatility. Easily removable doors and roof to suit the driver’s current needs.

Performance: At the top of market with the ultimate combination of power and luxury.

Exclusivity: With only a select number of models being manufactured, owners will be able to customise their Aspids SS to truly make it the only one in the world.

Green Factor: Sustainable transportation without compromising style or performance.


With a sophisticated interactive screen taking the place of any buttons or dials usually found on the center console, the Aspid SS proves why it may be the most intelligent and flexible car of our time. Settings adjust to road or track conditions – taking into account elements such as terrain and weather and can be programmed into system.

In fact, the Aspid SS is the only car… that is, if the driver is feeling spontaneous, the car can instantly change its settings to driven off the road and onto the race track with a mere touch of the screen.


The Aspid’s powerful engine can produce more than 400 HP and can reach up to 9200 rpm (compare this to the 8000 rpm of Formula 3 race cars and you’ll practically feel your cheeks flapping in the wind). Such a wide range of rpm allows the drive to pilot the car at whichever level they feel most comfortable: whether it be a slow and relaxing ride through the town or an exhilarating run on the racing track.

Control was a major aspect kept in mind during the development of the engine. The engine provides for the Aspid SS to instantly respond to the driver’s request and ensures excellent car handling and road holding.

Predictable handling ensures the driver satisfaction in a safe way.


Capable of reaching 62 mph in 2,8 seconds, and 100 mph in a jaw-dropping 5,9 seconds, the inevitable rush of emotions that will surge through your body can only intensify with the easy removal of the top and doors.

Holding a deceleration rate just as impressive – coming to a dead stop from 100 mph in just 3 seconds – and a lateral acceleration of 1,6g, the Aspid SS is sure to stimulate your sense to the fullest.


Safety is often an issue with many sports cars, however not with the Aspid SS, as it has a unique dual system of both active and passive safety features.

This car is only one in the world that is not only secure enough to meet FIA safety requirements, but also carries the strength to meet European homologation standards.

The Green Factor

The lighter the car structure, the less energy needed to move the mass, and the less harmful it is on the environment. The lightweight structure of the Aspid SS is composed of carbon and aluminium to reach a mass of 700kg. With its smaller, more compact design, IFR Automotive successfully joined the “green movement” in designing this sports car.

In Conclusion

The Aspid SS is a car of great design, performance, and power. Its personality shines through its retro futuristic look and authoritative shape. Its concept is an icon that is making a monumental impact on the automotive industry.

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