Aspid is the brainchild and passion of top engineer and car-designer, Ignacio Fernandez who developed this peerless product and brand within his engineering company, IFR Automotive. His experience both with ordinary and racing vehicles led to his desire to develop a fusion automobile, born out of the need to create a lighter car capable of reproducing the excitement of racing. Having worked for SEAT Sport, Prodrive Automotive and Mitsubishi Ralliart for the WRC, he was driven to take up the challenge of producing lightweights, vehicles whose dynamic performance, consumption and consequent emissions would result from that all-important weight-efficiency factor. This was the springboard for the founding of IFR Automotive and the Aspid project.

The Aspid mission was to get “Sports Cars Re-defined” by creating luxury sports cars specified, for out-and-out fun, able to transport the driver to the emotional state only achieved in a pure racing car; with the highest standards in technology, safety and low environmental emissions. Providing extraordinary performance like the one achieved in The Super Sport which gets 100km/hour in less than 3 seconds and 1.3g of lateral acceleration on bends.

Cars truly designed for motorsport enthusiasts with a XXI century mindset.

Aspids are like geniuses, sought after for their uniqueness.

In July 2008 the first prototype was put on show at the British International Motorshow, the Aspid Super Sport and it was met with amazement and fascination by the motor industry. It was launched onto the market as the most innovative vehicle to date, a super sports car combining the latest in hightech, engineering and design that hopes to take the industry by storm.

In the months following its launch motor sport reporters tested the Super Sport and their findings were published widely in the specialized press. Here is some of the praise its technological innovations, design and features received ……

Autopista magazine

“Its interior combines enough technology to make dream more than a sportscars enthusiast, including a heart attack performance and reduced consumption. ”

Autocar Magazine (UK)

“The Bugatti from Barcelona”.
“Spanish show the future”

Evo Magazine (UK)

“Aspid Hi-Tech, Spanish two-seater brings a couch of luxury to the lightweight sector”.
“I have never used a touch-screen system that works so well or so intuitively.”
“Aspid needn’t worry about bumps because it rides sublimely.”
“People will compare it with Caterhams, but the technology is on a different level.”

Auto Express” (UK)

“This combination of startling performance and surprising usability that makes the Aspid so unique”

Performance Car Magazine (UK)

“In engineering terms what we’ve got here is something closer to a Ferrari Enzo”

The Sunday Times (UK)

“This Spanish sports car rivals the Bugatti Veyron for speed but is far cheaper and packed with cutting-edge engineering” “Verdict: Catch it if you can, this is a glimpse of the future”

Auto Express (UK)

“The IFR Aspid’s mad looks turned heads at the British International Motor Show back in the summer. And having driven it we can tell you it’s just as crazy from behind the wheel!”
“The brainchild of Spanish engineering consultancy IFR Automotive, the Aspid packs an astounding array of technology”
“This combination of startling performance and surprising usability that makes the Aspid so unique”

Now Aspid Cars invites you to get to know their latest achievement, the Aspid GT-21, and we hope you will become as enthusiastic about it as we are.

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